Richard Carr

C2013_02_17_22_57_10.jpgaptain Richard Carr owned Amokura from the late 1960s until he died in 1977.  In the Second World War he was a prisoner of war alongside George Millar and the two became friends.  Millar had owned Amokura from 1953-60 and nearly a decade later he advised Capt Carr to buy her.  Carr was understood to be concerned about his health so when he re-rigged Amokura in 1969, he replaced the original 60′ wooden mainmast with a shorter aluminium mast (52’6″), in order to make her easier to sail.  This rig survives to the current day.

Captain Carr’s wartime exploits are described in this Daily Telegraph article from June 2009, and pictures taken during his ownership are shown here.