1940s: A stylish toast to a race competitor

 James Harries, Sir Ernest Harston’s grandson, recounts:

The other story I know comes from my cousin Brig. Jim Grear. He arrived in the UK just after the war and crewed Amokura quite a few times. Sadly, Jim passed away a few years ago, but told the story of how, in one particular race, Sir Ernest found himself overtaking one of the more famous yachtsmen of the time.   Jim says that Sir Ernest suddenly dropped down to the cabin  to re-emerge a few minutes later in RTYC blazer and cap carrying a very obvious cocktail glass with a very obvious liquid substance. Holding the tiller in a nonchalant manner as they passed to windward, he called across a mischievous greeting to the other boat. Being to windward, the reply wasn’t clear.

With thanks to James Harries who kindly used the contact page to get in touch and recount this story