1951: Lost forever?

In the early stages of compiling this website, Beken’s photos of Amokura were one of the first materials to surface.  These have many attractions – their timeless style, the insight into the past, and the delight of seeing Amokura’s original, graceful, tall rig.

One picture, however, has stumped Beken.  Here it is, in an April 1951 publication.  It shows Amokura in Groves & Gutteridge’s shed in Cowes.  Beken have searched high and low but can not locate the original – so this rough photocopy is all we have.

What a shame to miss out on the detail concealed by this photocopy.  What other boats were in the shed?  What state was Amokura in, during those post-war days?  Had she already swapped the tiller she was fitted with at launch for wheel steering?  We fear these questions may never be answered…  But needless to say – if you have any answers, or even tenuous clues – please do get in touch via the contact page.