Yachts designed by Fred Shepherd

Fred Shepherd was a prolific designer completing the designs of over 80 yachts during his career.  So the listing of his designs below is far from complete.  If you have more information about any of these boats, or indeed any Fred Shepherd designs which are not mentioned – please do get in touch via the contact page.

Nereus1899A 95' yawl built by White Brothers of Itchen Ferry for CSS Guthrie. Guthrie used her until 1914 when she was laid up for the war and subsequently sold to a Scandinavian. She was later renamed Moyana and was owned by Lt Col Ballantyne and later Mrs J Boumphrey. This was Shepherd's second largest yacht and one of the first he built in conjunction with White Brothers – many others followed.
Chione1900A 58' cutter built for Reverend Henry Rogers
Coral of Cowes
1902A 98' gaff yawl built for Dr J MacMahon of Cork, Ireland, she was first named 'Bamba III'. In 1923 she was purchased by Sir Hugh Drummond, Chairman of the English South Western Railway. He renamed her 'Coral' and she went on to win the King's Cup in 1926 and 1928.
Breeze1902A 22' waterline racing cutter built for Sir William Forwood, a Liverpool shipowner in order to race on Lake Windermere.
Pelagia (now Diogene)1903A 92' gaff yawl built for CJ Morgan by White Brothers, Southampton
Chinkara1903A 46' yawl built at the Hanson yard on the Isle of Wight for Colonel Potts
Coralind1904A 5 ton yawl for built for Percy Tatchell
Baby II1905A racing motor boat built for JW Brooke and Co of Lowestoft
Cushie Doo1907Built by Harris Brothers at Rowhedge, Essex
Wayward1908A 65'gaff cutter built by White Brothers in Southampton for Lord Tanguy
Swastika1908A 65' ketch built by Gill and Son in Rochester, Kent
Owl1909A 41' ketch built by White Brothers She was lengthened to 55' on deck by a later owner Mr Andrews in 1921. She underwent a refit at IBTC in Lowestoft finishing in 1997 just before IBTC started work on Amokura.
Thalia1911A wildfowling and cruising cutter built by Harris Brothers at Rowhedge, Essex
Sweetheart1912A 49' motorsailer
Corona1913A 50'6" centreplate yawl for J Dring. This was designed with a centreboard in order to enable her to be stored on the foreshore at Southend on Sea. Her draught was 3'10" with the centreplate raised and 8' with it fully lowered.
Banba IV1913A 38' cruising ketch built in the pointed stern Scandinavian lifeboat / pilot boat style, for Dr J McMahon of Cork, Ireland
Sappho (later Dodoni and now Tirrenia II)1914A 60' gaff ketch built by HR Stevens Limited, Southampton
Eleonor1914A 52 motor yacht
Carrina1914A 54' staysail schooner built by RJ Perkins and Sons in Whitstable, Kent, for Lord GF Carrington
Thanet1914A 73'6" cutter built by Harris Brothers at Rowhedge, Essex for JW Cook, who raced her with Captain Zacv Burch from Rowhedge and a crew from the village. In the 1930s she was owned by Field Marshall Viscount Gort who converted her to a bermudian cutter rig in 1935 and to a bermudian yawl in 1937. After the Second World War she was owned by Colonel Towers-Clark who raced her in handicap races until the early 1950s
Crystal II1927A 35' yawl built by AM Dickie and Sons of Tarbert
White Bird1928A 100'4" twin screw motor yacht built by SE Saunders at East Cowes for Frenchman Marius Barbarou. White Bird was Shepherd's largest motor yacht with two six-cylinder German diesel engines
Milena1929An 89' ketch built by White Bros. Until recently she was based in Cannes and chartered for holidays in France and Greece
Lexia1931A 64' cutter built by Berthon Boat Company at Lymington for Major TP Rose Richards. Shepherd was commissioned to design her in December 1930 and she was launched by July of 1931 and competed in the Fastnet Race a month later
Shireen1934A 51' cutter
Oenone (now Union)1935A 45' bermudian cutter built by Berthon Boat Company, Lymington for Mr EG Wardrop
Maybird1937A 43' gaff ketch built by Jack Tyrell at Arklow, Ireland, for Lieutenant Colonel WCW Hawkes DSO
Amokura1939A 51' bermudian yawl built by AH Moody & Sons for Major (later Sir) Ernest Harston and later owned by author George Millar
Glaramara1947A sister-ship to Amokura, with a ketch rig. She was built for Sir Philip Bowyer-Smith by AH Moody & Sons
Lively Lady1948A 36' bermudian yawl self-built by Mr SJP Cambridge in Calcutta. Later used by Sir Alec Rose to complete his 1968 solo circumnavigation.
Heron IINKA 46' cutter